Day 7 – 4th Day of Surgeries

With 3 full days in the hospital behind us, the team has become more efficient and effective while working in Santa Ines hospital. Each day, we have ironed out small issues that have allowed us to focus more on the treatment and less on logistics throughout the day. One outcome from these incremental changes has been our ability to treat more patients today than we had previously been able to treat any other day this mission. We had optimistically slated 12 surgeries today, and were able to start the 12th and final surgery of the day at 8 pm tonight. It has been a very full day, and the team members tireless effort is shining as we finish the second last day of surgeries.

One of todays surgeries was Nathaly, a shy 14 year old girl who had a PAO this afternoon. Her parents waited with her patiently until it was her opportunity to walk down to the OR. She suffers from hip dysplasia and her condition means that her symptoms will get worse as she grows up. This morning while she was waiting, a couple of the nurses gave her a teddy bear to help her with her nerves.

We had many discharges today, among them were Nestor, a farmer in Ecuador who had incredibly bad arthritis in his hip but continued to farm in order to earn a living for himself and his family. He received a total hip replacement while in our care, and quickly got back on his feet in the ward. Another was Ruth, who herself is a physiotherapist. While waiting in the ward, the physiotherapy team walked her through the first steps she would take after the surgery, as well as the exercises that would help with recovery. Ruth received a total hip replacement and did incredibly well during her first walk down the hallway and set of stairs. Some patients require longer recovery times before our team feels confident sending them home, but Ruth was uniquely quick to show that she was ready to go home. She was discharged this afternoon!

With a very full day behind us, we look forward to our last day in the OR tomorrow!

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