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Welcome to the TNMS Team Cuenca 2014 experience.  We invite each and every one of our supporters, family members and friends to join us on our mission to help the poor this year by following our blog. Our May 10 to May 19 posts will inform viewers of mission news and developments. We now have photos!

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Trip Wrap Up

…at Santa Ines…the day goes well and to finish off, the team bands forces to complete an involved, extended surgery in the orthopedic OR.  The smallest acetabulum the team has brought to Cuenca (size 38) and a size 9 for femur are required to correct this patient’s hip.  Ironically, this tiny hip ends up very difficult to ‘reduce’ (ie. moving the hip […]

Moving forward with surgeries

Improvisation…that is the word of the day; whether you talk to the volunteers from Santa Ines or those from the military hospital.  In an unfamiliar environment, where our medical professionals are intent on maintaining the highest standard of care possible, there are a few hurdles to overcome as the patient processing is organized, OR set up […]

Morning flight to Cuenca

On Sunday afternoon, May 11, the medical team and all equipment and supplies arrive at Santa Ines Hospital in Cuenca and each part of the group is on task.  OR nurses are setting up a small area (the CORE) with all the necessary equipment and supplies that will be needed over the week.  The carefully labelled […]

Travel Day

We arrive in Houston at close to midnight and Dr. Manuel Avila greets us at the Quito airport.  He is the director of Santa Ines Hospital in Cuenca and has been the True North Missions Society contact for this mission since the charity’s first trip to Ecuador (and previously as well, for two missions when […]

Preparing to leave…

Welcome to True North Missions Society’s first Mission Blog. Not only do we sincerely appreciate the moral and financial support of all our contributors, but we would like you to offer you the opportunity to share in the medical mission experience. Please join us as we update you daily on the progress of this year’s […]

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