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Welcome to the True North Mission Society's 2017 Mission Blog. We are looking forward to departure day, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 and planned to return March 5. This year, our team has encountered some last minute changes due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances, and those who cannot make it will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to them and their families. Their continued commitment and contributions over the years have helped make the mission to Ecuador a great success.

We welcome new team members who bring additional energy and expertise to the mission. As Dr. Powell has expressed, "part of our success is related to the tremendous common sense of purpose in serving the poor, We go to Ecuador because we can and do the work we are blessed to be able to do. Our team is strong and prepared for success!"

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Missions 2017 Blog (most recent first)

Time for All to Head Home

Today is our final day at Santa Ines Hospital. There was one additional surgery performed on this last day. The CORE and nursing stations were rapidly taken down. Detailed inventory lists were created for each bag going back to Canada. Medication was reconciled. Arrangements were made for one of the patients to go to a […]

The Team

Stairs with the physios is a right of passage before being discharged. Freddy was a star at learning to maneuver the stairs the correct way.   He even encouraged the next patient to do his best on the stairs. Freddy went home after much heartfelt thanks to the team. Two surgeries were performed. We still have […]

Andres and Eduardo

Andres and Eduardo At the 6:30am team meeting, Freddy’s comfort was utmost in everyone’s mind.  There was an audible sigh of relief to learn that Freddy’s pain was being well managed.   When we arrived at the hospital at 8am, with “his angel” (mother) at his bedside, he was comfortable and in good spirits.  The whole […]

Patient and Nurse

Santiago, a.k.a. Freddy is a good looking, buff, thirty year old from Cuenca.  He came to our clinic day this past Friday with his wife, daughter, mother, and two sisters.  His father passed away over a decade ago.  Freddy was on crutches and we could see that there was something wrong with his right lower […]

Second day of surgery a great success!

Day 2 Surgery Well it’s day two of surgery and it would be a lie to say we haven’t had any hiccups. Yesterday, while putting together patient charts and physio exercise materials, we discovered that the stapler was missing! After an extensive search of the nursing station, Michelle offered a $5.00 reward. That reward almost […]

Surgery Begins

Surgery begins And we thought clinic day was hectic! The morning started out with Nazly and Ann noticing some activity on the bridge below our hotel. Ann immediately sprinted down to the bridge and literally saved an Ecuadorian’s life! That was before the 6:30am team meeting to review today’s patients. These nurses, physios, processors and […]

Clinic Day

Patients Arrive A crowd of people were already lined up outside the metal gates along the stone and barbed wire fence, when the team arrived shortly after 8am. The clinic was scheduled to start at 9am. Several patients with crutches were leaning against the fence. Some were sitting on chairs. One group had a blanket […]

From Quito to Cuenca

We’ve Arrived Hola Cuenca! A beautiful Spanish colonial city at 2,500 meters (8,200) feet with approximately 400,000 residents. The team has arrived and what a fantastic welcome we received. Dr. Manuel Avila, his family and Cuenca Rotarians welcomed us at the gate and lead us outside for a special surprise. The Police Band were poised […]

2017 Quito – Arrival

We Are Off! 35 True North Mission Society team members gathered at the Calgary International Airport at 4:15 am.  Some had slept a few hours, others stayed up all night but everyone was excited to be there.  Many repeat team members looked forward to seeing their patients again and first timers were thrilled to be included. […]

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