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Welcome to the True North Mission Society's 2018 Mission Blog. We are looking forward to departure day, Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

We welcome new team members who bring additional energy and expertise to the mission. As Dr. Powell has expressed, "part of our success is related to the tremendous common sense of purpose in serving the poor, We go to Ecuador because we can and do the work we are blessed to be able to do. Our team is strong and prepared for success!"

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A special note from first time volunteer, Dr. Abouassaly

“Our last day in Cuenca consisted of an important teaching opportunity at the University of Azuay medical school. The medical students were very interested in the idea of screening and prevention for developmental dysplasia of the hip and understood the impact of early detection and prevention. They were very keen to get some hands on […]

Another one for the books

Yesterday was True North’s final day at the Santa Ines Hospital in Cuenca! At the end of the day 37/38 patients were discharged and sent home to recover. The physio team and ward nurses said their goodbyes and received little gifts as a form of gratitude from their patients. The doctors also made their last […]

Almost Goodbye

Yesterday was True North’s last day of surgery for the 2018 mission! Over the past five days True North conducted 38 successful hip surgeries. A new record for the True North team! It was also a big day for Juan, who took on the stairs with the physio team and passed with flying colors. While […]

Welcome to the ward

Today, True North got a later start in the OR. Despite the delay, members of the True North team continued to work hard to keep the mission running smoothly. None more tirelessly than the ward nurses. These amazing ladies are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave well into the […]

Some friendly faces

This morning started with some excitement for the True North team. Freddy, one of True North’s star patients from last year’s mission, stopped by for a surprise visit with his family at the Santa Ines Hospital. For those who may not remember, Freddy had his right leg amputated below the knee by the True North […]

Getting into the rhythm

Even though it may be the second day of surgery, for True North every day is approached as a new day – new patients, new families and new surgical cases. Taking on a total of 10 surgeries, each True North team member attacked the day and worked together to provide the best quality of care. […]

Surgery Begins

Today is the day – surgeries begin. After hours of evaluating over 65 prospective patients yesterday, almost 40 surgical patients were selected to be treated over the course of the 2018 mission. This does not include a few last minute patients the mission has been known to add. After arriving at Santa Ines Hospital, the […]

Clinic Day

It’s hard to believe the third day of the mission has come and gone. Starting the day off a semi-normal wake-up time to gather for a team meeting at 7 a.m., the mission team members hopped on their buses and either headed to the clinic located in the Yanuncay Rotary Club of Cuenca or the […]

2018 – It’s Official!

It’s official! True North Missions Society hit the ground running yesterday. Kicking off the 2018 Cuenca mission with a requested arrival time to be at the Calgary International Airport for 3 a.m. (no, this is not a joke). Almost all 34 local Calgary team members arrived with smiles on their faces, ready to take on […]

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