Last Day

The final day before we travel home to Canada has arrived. We have 2 patients remaining in hospital, one of whom is likely to go today or tomorrow. The clinical mission has been a huge success by any and every measure. The 49 patients operated on have been given a chance to return to a normal life with their families and friends. Several of our patients were unable to work because of their hip disease. We hope they can now work.

The surgical and anesthesia team visited with the local Orthopedic surgeons for an exchange of ideas and great fellowship. On the business side of things, the packing continued as did our care of the remaining patients. The remaining skeleton crew carried on while a few of our team took advantage of the opportunity to tour Cuenca and area.

Work on the introduction of a portable ultrasound screening technique started. A partnership between Rotary Port Moody, Rotary Yanuncay, Rotary International, the Jarmillio Foundation and True North Mission Society has lead to this opportunity. Dr. Jacob Jaremko ‘s team, Cassandra and Adam demonstrated the technology to fairly enthusiastic review here at the Humanitarian Hospital. If successful, we hope to change the screening of children at high risk of dysplasia to identify those with dysplasia early. Early detection and intervention can allow these children normal hip function and avoid the sometimes devastating consequences of hip dysplasia. We hope this will be part of our legacy here in Ecuador, to have impacted not only those with established hip disease but to actually identify it early.

The success of our team relies on the individual contributions of our team members in a selfless fashion. This team exemplifies what happens when the cause is right. As with any work for the greater good, our volunteers feel grateful to have the trust of those we serve here in Ecuador. The work here reaffirms our role to serve.

No group functions without direction and leadership. I am fortunate to have a strong board with many  professionals dedicating countless hours. Louisa, Cheryl, Jordan , Ian and Pam exemplify what a small group can do when committed and are key to preparing the team fundraising, preparation to travel, execution on the ground in Ecuador and finally the preparation to return.

True North exists to serve here in Ecuador poor patients but without one other group of participants, we could not travel. year in and year out generosity of our donors is incredible! It allows us all to help as we can as we are all in this together on our lonely planet. For those of you who chose to believe, God Bless! Forever grateful, Jim Powell

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