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Welcome to the True North Missions Society's 2016 Mission Blog- where we will be sharing the details of our exciting mission trip from March 9th to March 21st. Please join us as we embark on this year's mission to offer our services to those in need in Ecuador. This year we will be taking over 30 hockey bags and 20 instrument totes, which will carry all of our surgical & clinic supplies. We will unpack & set-up in less than a day when we arrive so we can begin seeing patients on day 2! Stay tuned for regular blog updates throughout our journey.

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True North Missions Would Like to Thank…

Santa Ines We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Santa Ines Hospital of Cuenca, for accommodating the team for the duration of the mission. Santa Ines has welcomed us for 7 years now, providing operating room access, patient care facilities and overnight staff support for our patients. Our partnership with Santa Ines […]

An Emotional Farewell

Today was our last day in Cuenca, and the last day of our medical mission. We arrived at the hospital early to check in on our patients and complete one final ‘Ward Walk’ with the entire True North Team. We wanted to say goodbye to each and every patient, and thank them for the wonderful […]

100 Local Police Trained in CPR & Patient Recoveries Continue

“Each morning I wake up with pain, and each night I go to bed with pain. Today, I did not,” said one of our patients this week, through a haze of happy tears. This sentiment is reflected throughout out the 3rd floor, where our ward team is caring for our remaining 20 recovery patients. Among […]

A Tough Decision to Make Today and a Special Visit

Another busy day at the Santa Ines hospital and our last day of surgeries. Due to operating room schedule delays throughout the week, the True North team faced difficult decision this morning: with only one afternoon/evening of operating time left and 6 patients remaining, we needed to decide whether to postpone 2 patients and cut […]

Mixed Emotions Today Among True North Members

Today was a later and longer day at the hospital than expected, but our team was determined to finish all scheduled surgeries (6, to be precise) and ensure all patients were taken care of and comfortable before calling it a day. One of our surgery patients today asked to keep a small knitted doll we […]

Our First Group of Patients Go Home, Still More Surgeries to Come

We had another great day at the Santa Ines Hospital! Things are starting to move quickly and the team is working like a well-oiled machine. Physiotherapy is underway for patients who have completed surgery, and although progress looks a little different for each patient, recovery is going well overall. Today was the first day that […]

Day 2 in the OR & Physio Begins

After a successful first day of surgeries, our team was determined to perform even better on day two, with a larger goal of 7 surgeries to complete. We met for breakfast a little earlier this morning, at 6:30am, while Dr. Powell and Dr. Lee briefed us on the patient cases for the day. Dr. Manuel […]

Day 1 in the OR: 5 Surgeries and Very Happy Families

Our first day of surgeries was long, but successful. We began with breakfast and a briefing of the day’s patients at 7am, followed by a quick group photo on the way to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital by 9 and were greeted by a line of patients with their families, anxious to be […]

Clinic Day- An Emotional, Busy Day

Day 3 begins with a breakfast meeting at 7:00 am. After volunteer introductions within the group and a heartfelt welcome to the team from Dr. Manuel Avila, Dr. Powell led discussions around availability of the OR for the week. He engaged the team in a plan for scheduling other functions around the OR timing and […]

Setting Up for a Busy Week

This morning we caught an early flight from Quito to Cuenca after catching a few hours of sleep at a bed and breakfast near the Quito airport. We finished our journey by late morning, landing in Cuenca, collecting our remaining baggage and heading to our hotel to drop off our belongings. Shortly after arriving at […]

An Eventful Kick-Off to Our 2016 Mission!

After a 4:30 am start, several flight delays, some serious turbulence, an unexpected re-fueling stop in San Antonio, and some expert weather avoidance by our pilots, we’ve finally landed safely in Quito, Ecuador at 1:30am. The mission team, although excited for tomorrow, is exhausted and ready for some well-earned shut-eye. Despite all of today’s unexpected […]

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