Day 6 Afternoon – Day 3 of Surgeries

The 3 ORs were open to the mission all afternoon. This allowed the team to work hard all day and finish 9 surgeries. The second and last PAO of the day started around 4:30 pm.
Last night was another late night as we try to help as many patients as possible. To ensure the team has enough energy and jokes to last the next few days of surgeries, we decided to stop after the last surgery finished around 8pm. There is still a lot of work to be done and care to be administered once the surgery is over. The surgical team has to clean the OR; the processing group will wash, wrap, and sterilize all the surgical equipment; the recovery nurses will check vitals and tend to the patient until they are stable enough to go up to the ward where the ward nurses will take care of patients until they are ready to be left in the care of Santa Ines hospital nurses for the night. Physiotherapy will try to get patients out of bed and moving as soon as possible. The team did incredible work today and we are hoping for another big day tomorrow.
Hasta meñana

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