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Today, True North got a later start in the OR. Despite the delay, members of the True North team continued to work hard to keep the mission running smoothly. None more tirelessly than the ward nurses. These amazing ladies are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave well into the night.

The ward handled a total of 18 patients throughout the day, some recovering from surgery, some being discharged and others being pre-admitted. They may only be a team of four and working to the bone, but the ward nurses greet every patient with a smile. Their compassion and empathy is unparalleled. The ward nurses have the most face-time with patients, they are the first faces they see and often the last as they often assist the patients out of the building. Not all superheroes wear capes, they sometimes wear scrubs.

Currently the ward nurses are caring for a 33 year old man named Juan. Three years ago, Juan was working on a farm and a co-worker noticed that Juan was suffering from hip pain. He explained to Juan that he had had hip surgery eight years ago by another Canadian surgical team. He advised Juan to go to Cuenca and see if he was a candidate. That same year Juan approached Manual but unfortunately could not have surgery due to a hip infection. He returned the following year, but he still was unable to have surgery.

This year was Juan’s third attempt. After a three hour drive from his home along the coast, the True North team looked over his tests and x-rays and was approved to have a total hip replacement done on his right hip. Both Juan and his wife were at the clinic, they were so grateful stating that words could not express their gratitude to the team. Juan has had a very difficult time trying to find a job and said that after surgery, everything will change for him – his life, his relationship with his wife, and their family.

Speaking of life changes, Miriam is officially up and running (this is just a saying – by no means do we mean that Miriam is physically running). Yesterday she attempted stairs for the first time and successfully made it up and down half a flight. Although her hip is still very tight after surgery, she took on the challenge and crushed it.

Tomorrow is a new day – stay tuned.


The TNMS Team

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