A special note from first time volunteer, Dr. Abouassaly

“Our last day in Cuenca consisted of an important teaching opportunity at the University of Azuay medical school. The medical students were very interested in the idea of screening and prevention for developmental dysplasia of the hip and understood the impact of early detection and prevention. They were very keen to get some hands on experience examining the newborn hip thanks to some infant hip models. A number of local orthopedic surgeons lead the groups through the fine points of the physical exam maneuvers. Reaching medical students is an important component of awareness and early detection and prevention of hip dysplasia.

Beyond that, we has some very good news to cap off this mission trip. After many years of hard work on all sides, with the support of Rotary Clubs from Calgary, Port Moody, Cuenca Yanuncay, Rotary International, and the Jaramillo foundation, we were able to sign an agreement during this mission trip to begin screening programs for both hip dysplasia and cervical dysplasia. This will serve as an important means moving forward to reduce the incidence and morbidity of hip dysplasia and cervical cancer, which are highly prevalent in Ecuador. This is truly a monumental agreement whose impact cannot be understated and is a fitting way to wrap up this mission trip.”

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