Another one for the books

Yesterday was True North’s final day at the Santa Ines Hospital in Cuenca! At the end of the day 37/38 patients were discharged and sent home to recover. The physio team and ward nurses said their goodbyes and received little gifts as a form of gratitude from their patients. The doctors also made their last rounds, checking-in and ensuring that their patients didn’t have any more questions before they went home. The OR team got a little workout in as well, lifting various hockey bags filled with medical equipment and taking it to a special storage location.

This year’s mission was definitely one for the books. With a total of 38 surgeries and a spectacular team, True North was able to give back to the Ecuadoran community. Each team member worked together and their dedication to True North’s mission to help the poor is undeniable.

True North also has some exciting news! Yesterday, the True North team signed the official agreement with the Yanuncay Rotary Club, the University of Azuay and the Hermilio Foundation to start two screening programs in Cuenca. The first for early detection for hip dysplasia and the second for cervical dysplasia, a precursor to cervical cancer. The approval for the screening programs were two years in the making and the official signing has the True North team ending their mission on a high-note.

True North would like to thank Bruno Ledesma, CEO of the Santa Ines Hospital. Without his unwavering support, the True North Missions Society would not be able to provide surgeries in the Santa Ines Hospital. True North would also like to thank the Yanuncay Rotary Club. This group of men and women are at the hospital almost as much as the True North team is. Along with providing their club for clinic day, some of the Rotary Club members volunteer as translators, provide the True North team much needed coffee and snacks and truly believe in the True North mission. Every year they host a special dinner with amazing authentic Ecuadoran food and dancing – this year was no exception. True North would also like to thank Dr. Manuel Avila. Manuel is a family physician located in Cuenca. Manuel has dedicated his life to this cause, traveling throughout the country and farther, seeking people in need of help. He is a vital part of True North and we are proud to have him a part of the team.

We would also like to thank Smith & Nephew who has supported the mission throughout the years! Without their medical instruments and implants, True North would not be able to conduct surgeries to those in need.  Lastly, True North would like to thank its team members (past and present) and its generous donors. Without our donors, True North would not be able to give back to the Cuenca community or start both new screening programs! The donors and the True North team truly make a defining difference.

To True North,  Cuenca is something very special and True North is honoured to be a part of their community.

Until next year!


The TNMS Team

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