Day 4

Today was the second day of surgery and it was a busy day. There were 10 procedures done today – 8 hips and 2 PAO’s. Having access to 3 OR’s today made a big difference and kept everyone extremely busy. The doctors were focused, not only with upcoming surgeries, but with pain management for existing patients. All other team members were also very occupied as they dealt with the specific needs of the patients.

In addition, 7 of the nine patients from yesterday went home today, so the physio therapists were running between getting patients up and training the patients heading home. Going home for some of these patients was a pretty incredible experience as family gathered around them to offer advice and cheer them on. All patients had someone to sit with them, keep them company and provide the support they needed for both today and in the near future as they fully recover from their surgery.

I am constantly aware of how happy the individuals are once they get up for the first time. I know it must hurt but they don’t seem to be thinking too much about the current levels of pain. They are more interested in starting the new chapter of their lives that the surgery allows them.

I don’t think most people really understand how tough life can be for someone in a country like Ecuador. The people are amazing but many live at a poverty level unheard of in our privileged country of Canada. I hope each of you will appreciate the many blessings we have and be willing to give and share some of those blessings to help another. I know from personal experience that I receive far more from my small act of giving than I could possibly imagine and the outreach to another touches me more and blesses me with more rewards than I have ever had to give.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”
― John Holmes

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