True North Missions Would Like to Thank…

Santa Ines

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Santa Ines Hospital of Cuenca, for accommodating the team for the duration of the mission. Santa Ines has welcomed us for 7 years now, providing operating room access, patient care facilities and overnight staff support for our patients. Our partnership with Santa Ines allows us to come to Cuenca and effectively serve those in need. We understand that our presence in the hospital takes up space and efforts that could otherwise be used for the hospital’s own operations, and we truly appreciate the support of the local staff.

The Yanuncay Rotary Club of Cuenca

Sincere thanks also to the Yanuncay Rotary Club of Cuenca. Each year, the Rotary Club takes very good care of us while we are in Cuenca. They provide our hungry team with lunch each day at the hospital as well as coffee and snacks. They kindly greeted us at the airport on arrival and provided transportation to the hotel in Cuenca. Later, at the end of the week, they again arranged our ride to the airport and were there to say farewell. It has been a pleasure to continue our partnership with the Rotary. Thank you for all that you do- this mission would not be possible without you.

Smith and Nephew

We would like to thank Smith and Nephew for continuing to support the True North Mission Society by providing the necessary instrumentation. This year, we performed 28 hip surgeries- all of which required Smith and Nephew implants or equipment to complete. The office personnel (Joe, Joan, Tim & Mike) also deserve a thanks for their efforts in helping True North prepare for the mission. We also enjoyed dedicated technical support from a Smith and Nephew representative, who joins us on the mission each year. Thank so very much for your continued support of our cause.

Conmed Linvatec & Primed

A big thank you to Conmed Linvatec, for supplying the power equipment for our mission. In addition, a huge thanks to Primed, who provided us with very necessary operating room products such as boot covers, hats, gowns, masks, gloves and more. With your tools, we were not only able to successfully complete 28 hip surgeries, but we were able to complete these surgeries with the high standards of sterilization and accuracy that are required for a patients long term success.


Of course, we cannot forget to thank our donors! It is because of your great generosity that we are able to serve the poor in Cuenca. 100% of donor proceeds go toward mission operations. With your donations, we were not only able to send our medical team down to Cuenca this year, but we were also able to purchase:

– Extended care (one month) following surgery for a patient with cerebral palsy
– A hospital stay for a patient that absolutely could not afford it, but desperately needed it.
– Walkers and crutches
– Medical supplies for patients
– The necessary medications, tests and x-rays for our patients

A huge thank you goes out to all those who have donated goods to our cause, for sale at our fundraiser and also items for use in Ecuador. Your generous gifts were appreciated and loved by those we served.


The True North Mission is completed each year by a team of people, many of whom work long hours throughout the year to make the trip possible, and all of whom work long hours during the mission to Cuenca. Every True North team member volunteers 100% of the time they put towards the mission, and we wish to extend our deepest gratitude for their hard work and generosity. It takes only a few weeks for us to change many lives. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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