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Welcome to True North Missions Society’s first Mission Blog. Not only do we sincerely appreciate the moral and financial support of all our contributors, but we would like you to offer you the opportunity to share in the medical mission experience. Please join us as we update you daily on the progress of this year’s trip to Ecuador to help the poor.

Mission 2014 is approaching quickly and the Team has been preparing for months. Team leader, Dr. Jim Powell and Mission Coordinator, Gail Evans, have spearheaded the team of volunteers. Altogether, there are four Orthopedic surgeons and one Orthopedic fellow, an Opthamology surgeon, General Surgeon and General Practitioner. As well, three Anesthetist’s have been assembled to assist in two hospitals in Cuenca, Ecuador. It will also take at least eleven Nurses, two Physio’s, two Surgical Processor’s, two Smith & Nephew (major sponsor and supplier) representatives, two Interpreter’s, and eight general volunteers to make the mission ‘operate’ this year.

Everyone is ready! Soon, it will be time to travel…May 10 at 8:22 am we begin 11.5 hrs of flying over a day and ‘a bit’…then, unpack 32 hockey bags and 13 instrument totes, run a patient clinic on Sunday afternoon and set up the OR. Finally, the medical team begins surgeries by 8:00 am Monday, May 12. We will keep you posted…

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