2020 – Day 13 to 14 – Travelling Home

A small group of team members stayed back in Cuenca on Friday to finish off 3 days of meetings with the Club Rotario and the Ministry of Health regarding the progress of the hip dysplasia and cervical dysplasia screening programs. As well, there was a conference to share orthopedic medical knowledge.
Some of the team left Quito on Friday night while the remainder waited for medical equipment to arrive in Quito on Saturday evening. Bags were unloaded at the Quito airport last evening, apportioned out to members for the trip back to Calgary.  With approximately half of the team arriving home yesterday and around 20 making our way back to Alberta today, this year’s mission to Ecuador is complete. Our team of 44 doctors, nurses, technicians and volunteers completed 44 surgeries over our 10 days in Ecuador, which is a huge success! Thank you for your support and interest in this mission!

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