Getting into the rhythm

Even though it may be the second day of surgery, for True North every day is approached as a new day – new patients, new families and new surgical cases. Taking on a total of 10 surgeries, each True North team member attacked the day and worked together to provide the best quality of care.

“When it comes to surgery there are so many critical steps,” said Doug Geeraert, first time volunteer with True North Missions Society. “From the ward nurses to the processors, to the surgical team and to the recovery staff – there is a lot in there that needs to happen to make this successful.”

Described by other True North teammates as the un-sung heroes (and the unseen), the processing team focuses on the surgical tools before and after surgery and is divided into two categories: decontamination and sterilization/packaging. So, what do 10 surgeries mean to the processing team? It means that 10 rounds of surgical tools need to be cleaned, dried, organized and sterilized (each within three hours) so that they are prepped and ready for the next surgery ASAP. Surgeries have to be strategically scheduled (thanks to Pam) and have to take into account how long each surgery will be, which tools will be used and when they will be fully sterilized and available for the next surgery. This is not an easy task but the processing team welcomes the challenge.

On another note, the True North team would like to formally introduce you to a very special patient named Miriam. Over two months ago Miriam approached a local physician Dr. Manuel Avila and spoke to him about the possibility of having a hip surgery. After showing Manuel all of her tests, he let Miriam know that True North will be arriving end of March and that they may be able to assist her.

After seeing Miriam and her updated tests, True North advised that she would need a Right Total Hip Arthroplasty. When she was told that one of the main benefits of the surgery would be that she would not suffer from hip pain, Miriam started to cry. After years of hip pain, progressively getting worse over time, she thanked the True North team for helping her and giving her the opportunity to change her life.

Stay tuned for updates on Miriam and the mission. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @TrueNorthMissionsSociety for some behind the scenes action!


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