Clinic Day

It’s hard to believe the third day of the mission has come and gone.

Starting the day off a semi-normal wake-up time to gather for a team meeting at 7 a.m., the mission team members hopped on their buses and either headed to the clinic located in the Yanuncay Rotary Club of Cuenca or the Santa Ines Hospital for operating room prep. At the clinic, prospective patients from Cuenca and the surrounding area came to see True North Missions’ team to see if they were eligible for surgery. One family even traveled over 7 hours.

Both the OR and the clinic team ran like well-oiled machines with the OR team completing prep in record time and the clinical team seeing over 65 prospective patients and several follow-ups from the missions’ previous years. Some True North Missions Society “celebrities” popped by such as Sandra, a young woman who was treated three years ago and the missions’ favourite twins Edouardo and Andréas.

“Everything yesterday validates why True North needs to be here (in Ecuador),” says Dr. Keith Neufeld when asked about his first experience at the clinic. “It takes years in Canada to see this many bad cases and people needing surgeries, so seeing this over a span of a day demonstrates why True North has been coming here for years.”

Tomorrow is a big day for the mission! Stay tuned to see what True North is up too.


The TNMS Team

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