Our First Group of Patients Go Home, Still More Surgeries to Come

We had another great day at the Santa Ines Hospital! Things are starting to move quickly and the team is working like a well-oiled machine. Physiotherapy is underway for patients who have completed surgery, and although progress looks a little different for each patient, recovery is going well overall. Today was the first day that stairs were introduced to our therapy routine. Most patients excelled at this new challenge, thanks to the skill of our team and more importantly the determination of the patients.

One of our patients, who had trouble walking in the morning (and even fainted twice), was determined to get motoring this afternoon. When our physio team got her up with the walker, and then progressed her to crutches, she was unstoppable. We hope to discharge her tomorrow morning after ensuring she is safe on stairs.

Today we discharged our first set of post-operative patients. In addition to three expected recoveries, we also released one gentleman who had a total hip replacement after only one night in the hospital – very impressive! All patients left the hospital with their families; smiling, relieved, and determined to continue a successful recovery at home.

While our ward and physio team was working hard upstairs, our surgical and processing team broke a sweat in the OR room, completing 5 surgeries by early evening. One surgery, in particular, was a little more challenging as the patient suffered not only from severe hip arthritis, but an improperly healed femur (caused by a bad break about 8 years ago). His femur was straightened and his hip replaced. Our team expects that his recovery will take a little longer than others, but that we should still be able to send him home prior to the end of the week.

Finally- some little successes were celebrated among the mission’s team today as members who are not fluent in Spanish began to pick up the basics and communicate effectively with patients.

We are excited for a dinner with the Rotary club this evening, whose organization has been taking such good care of us since we arrived. Each day, they provide lunch for us, as well as a much needed break from the busy-ness of our days.

Check back tomorrow for another update!

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