Second day of surgery a great success!

Day 2 Surgery

Well it’s day two of surgery and it would be a lie to say we haven’t had any hiccups. Yesterday, while putting together patient charts and physio exercise materials, we discovered that the stapler was missing! After an extensive search of the nursing station, Michelle offered a $5.00 reward. That reward almost escalated the search to a feverish pitch. Guess who found the stapler and claimed the reward? Michelle!!

On the serious side, the first two surgeries this morning were delayed because the patient did not bring the required blood with them when they arrived at the hospital. Normally, the patient would arrive at the nursing station with a styrofoam box with unit(s) of blood inside. The surgeons require the blood, just in case it is needed. Safety of the patient is of paramount concern.

In Canada, we just assume that the hospital will have blood available, if needed. In Cuenca, blood must be purchased from the blood bank and brought to the hospital by the patient. If the patient cannot pay for the blood, another person, usually a family member must donate an equal amount of blood to that blood bank. This morning, the nursing station was getting updates on how far away the blood was. In one case, a friend rushed out to buy the blood for the patient. Both surgeries started as soon as the blood arrived.

Some quick highlights from today:

  1. No Ecuadorians were saved outside of the hospital by team members.
  2. No team members were victims of a “foaming” – drive by or otherwise. It’s actually quieter around Cuenca today. It’s Carnival long weekend and many people leave the city.
  3. Andrew and Mike did not have to escort a directionally challenged female team member back from a bar to the hotel……..ten whole steps. Bar, immediately next door!
  4. Seven more people received successful hip surgery. Appreciative, yet concerned family members are keeping vigil on the ward. Families appear to be very close here.
  5. Our patients are comfortable in the recovery room and on the ward. They are receiving very attentive care from nurses, anesthesiologist and physios and are very grateful.
  6. Out of fourteen patients on the ward, ten have already been up. ( Nonnie was on her hands and knees guiding Cristina, a young patient’s foot so that Cristina could take her first step with a walker.)
  7. Lindsay and Stephanie, the processors even got a coffee break today! The team pitched in a bit and also the scheduling was more favorable.
  8. Comoda, a local Rotarian spoiled us by making and serving us homemade shrimp ceviche, banana bread and popcorn. Interesting choices for a morning coffee break. It was so kind of her and all absolutely delicious!
  9. Jordan, a board member of TNM and representative of Smith and Nephews, huge supporters of the mission, celebrated his 38th birthday with a red velvet cupcake and dinner at Santa Lucia.
  10. Paul might have a date with a resident ……and it’s not with team member Dr. Denis, our favorite orthopedic resident. Rest assured Cristy.

Tomorrow will be a huge day. 9 patients scheduled for surgery.



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