Setting Up for a Busy Week

This morning we caught an early flight from Quito to Cuenca after catching a few hours of sleep at a bed and breakfast near the Quito airport. We finished our journey by late morning, landing in Cuenca, collecting our remaining baggage and heading to our hotel to drop off our belongings. Shortly after arriving at the hotel, the group made their way to the hospital (about a 10 minute walk) and began setting up.

This year the team arrived a day earlier than in previous years… to allow time to organize the supply room (‘Core’), where materials can be easily accessed as needed, and ward room, where patient files will be managed. In addition, we had a few team members head down to processing where they began to organize and sterilize the tool kits that our surgeons will need in the coming days. Every year the process becomes a little more refined and organized. Everyone pitched in and by dinner time the place was ‘operational.’ We all left the hospital ready for a good nights sleep after a long trip down, but excited for a big ‘clinic day’ tomorrow!

Tomorrow, our medical team will be meeting with all those who hope to have surgery completed.

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