Day 1 in the OR: 5 Surgeries and Very Happy Families

Our first day of surgeries was long, but successful. We began with breakfast and a briefing of the day’s patients at 7am, followed by a quick group photo on the way to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital by 9 and were greeted by a line of patients with their families, anxious to be admitted and prepare for their surgery. Of course, our team jumped right in to their work- making patients comfortable in their rooms, preparing surgical tools, and setting up for the operations that would begin by early afternoon.

By the end of the day, our surgeons had completed 5 surgeries- 2 Peri Acetabular Osteotomies (correction of hip dysplasia) and 3 Total Hip Replacements. Each patient had been sent to recovery for a brief period of adjustment immediately following their surgeries, before they were brought back to their rooms to rest in comfort. We were witness to many beautiful moments as patients were greeted by family members with tears of joy, grateful hugs and emotional rounds of applause in appreciation for their tenacity and bravery.

One of today’s patients, a 16 year old girl, was accompanied by her mother, father, sister (& family), and younger brother- who shed a few tears of his own when she was whisked down to surgery. He eagerly awaited her return throughout the afternoon, first in her room, then at the top of the stairs, then outside the elevator. Eventually, as she was wheeled through the elevator doors, he rushed to her side so he could hold her hand and help guide her bed the rest of the way to her room.

Our hard working volunteers, including the ward team, surgical team, physio team and processing (sterilization) team, worked late into the evening, ensuring that each and every patient scheduled for the day had a successful surgery and was comfortable for the night. Now, time for some rest so we are ready for another big day tomorrow!

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