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Daily breakfast meeting:

Instrument processing has lots of help, anesthesia has a 3rd anesthesiologist rotating through two OR’s this year – helps us keep up with drug orders and allows anesthesiologists to do pre-op and post-op assessments with patients. As well, this frees Anesthesiologist, Dr. Fermor for training and education sessions with local medical students. Dr. Lavoie notes that he had good cases yesterday and some instrument enhancements for future missions would be helpful for these special case. Pain control for patients on the ward is good. The first patient went home today. The translators have been very helpful – thank you! General volunteers are staying busy – more so as the ward fills up – now 9 patients. Physiotherapy is going well. Dr. Temple has been asked to attend at another local hospital during oncology exams.

The evening CPR class went very well…class started with 17 people and ended with 37. They were all medical students, and then 6 nurses from the hospital joined as well. They have never learned CPR. All received a certificate for completing. There is a short video clip below of the students learning CPR in Spanish. We had Calgary source donated used mannequins and our charity’s newly purchased mannequins for them to practice on.

CPR Training in Spanish

Some of the remaining surgeries for this week:

  • T. G. – LTHip – 84 yrs old – high functioning up until 1 yr ago – had to be carried in to clinic – 60 grand kids – anesthesia is considered carefully due to her age – no underlying medical history
  • M. G. – 15 yr old – bilateral hip pain started at age 6 – stopped all activities – PAO offers her good chance of another 20 yrs with her own hip before a hip replacement has to be considered.
  • J. M. – 19 yr old male will receive a left PAO – he has bilateral hip pain – left more than right- his hip pain started at age 14 – started limping in November – not going to school – kids making fun of him
  • B. V. – 49 yr old female will receive a LTHip – lives with her 15 yr old son and aging mother – had left Hip surgery 20 yrs ago and had suffered from Polio – she works in a storage facility – involves walking/stairs – she has +++pain
  • R. B. – 56 yr old – fell 15 yrs ago – raises chickens and guinea pigs – has 2 daughters- right hip fixed 5 yrs ago – now left hip
  • J. A. – 20 yr old female – left hip pain since birth – 3 surgeries
    hip dysplasia
  • M. R. – 52 yr old female – 6 yrs pain increasingly worse. Right hip pain worse – dislocation – left hip has other main issues incl: arthritis
  • E. P. – extreme right hip pain – groin pain – collapse of femoral head -will receive RTHip
  • M. M. – painful left hip – cannot walk a block – will receive LTHip

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